Pradeepkumar Kadkol

Pune-based firm to set up the plant

It will provide employment to 9,000 youth

Bijapur: Bijapur is all set to become a major industrial hub as several companies have shown keenness in opening their units in the district and have identified land and other infrastructure required for the purpose.

These industries will not only boost economy of the region but also provide employment to thousands of youth.

According to sources, SE Steels (Sujalan), a Pune-based company, which had approached the district administration through the Karnataka Udyog Mitra, a single window agency, had sent a Kolkata-based consultancy firm to conduct a survey of the district and convince the authorities about the unit.

Accordingly, the consultancy and the district administration have been successful in convincing the farmers at Mulawad, Kudagi and Kalgurki villages through gram sabhas.

Since most of the land was barren, the authorities concerned were successful in convincing the owners to sell it for industrial purpose.

The required land by the company is 12,000 acres, whereas the district administration has arranged for more than 20,000 acres of land.

The company has promised to provide employment of each family member of farmers who sell the land for settin up the company depending on their educational qualification.

It is estimated that the unit will provide employment to more than 9,000 youth by providing them training for three months.

The proposed plant worth Rs. 50,000 crore would produce more than two million tonnes of steel annually and requires 75 million gallons a day of water.

In-charge Deputy Commissioner S.M. Sonnad told The Hindu that it would not be a problem to provide water under Upper Krishna Project (UKP) as it has 6 tmcft of water reserved for industrial purposes.