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Shankaramurthy promises complete development by 2020

He justifies he is eligible to attend Cabinet meetings

BJP candidate will win the Council elections in Kodagu, he says

Madikeri: The State Government will raise loans to the tune of 8,000 crore for construction, repair and maintenance of roads in the entire State, Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board D.H. Shankaramurthy announced here on Monday.

Mr. Shankaramurthy told presspersons here that the board was in the process of finalising the areas of priority. Development of roads and supplying drinking water were on the top of the list. He said rains had accounted for the delay in road works in the State and they would start in another 20 days.

The Government had sanctioned Rs. 10 crore for road works in Kodagu district. There were plans to create special road funds for Kodagu as per the recommendations of Nanjundappa Committee. .

Mr. Shankaramurthy was here in connection with the coming Council polls. He said BJP candidate S.G. Medappa would win in the elections.

On being queried whether by the virtue of being the Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board he could attend Cabinet meetings, he replied in the affirmative. The Deputy Chairman of the Central Planning Commission was also attending Cabinet meetings and it was being followed in Karnataka as well, he said.

The Chairman of the Legislative Council had clarified on this on the Floor of the House when former Law Minister M.C. Nanaiah had raised this issue, he said. Mr. Shankaramurthy said the commission was committed to bring about a sustained development by introducing a “vision document”.

It would help total development by 2020.