There have been cases of poor but bright students being lured to exchange seats

Alarmed at the increasing misuse of the provision allowing students to mutually exchange colleges in professional courses, the State Government is introducing stringent norms to restrict the practice.

According to Education Department sources, stringent norms are essential as in many cases meritorious but poor students and their parents were lured by wealthy students to exchange seats dangling a few lakh rupees as the bait. As a result, students who were admitted into top colleges based on merit gave up their seats for wealthy but less meritorious students and remained content with lower rung colleges.

“It is difficult to establish on record that poor students are monetarily lured to seek mutual transfer. We can't also impose a blanket ban on mutual transfers. Hence, the option of strict norms to ensure that the rich are not allowed to misuse the provision,” said an official.

“It appears that parents of wealthy and less meritorious students pay Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh to woo the poor but meritorious students,” added the official.

Mutual transfer is permitted among students irrespective of their rank and categories they come under, like General Merit, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Economically Backward.

Under the proposed norms, mutual transfers will not be allowed to breach categories. Which means a student, say under General Merit, can opt for mutual transfer only with another student who falls under the same category.

The new norms will impose a limit on the gap in the ranks of the two students who seek mutual transfer. “The gap should not exceed 1,000 in engineering courses, while a much lower gap will be prescribed for medical students. This way we will ensure that the purpose of mutual transfers is not misused,” the official said.

  • Mutual transfer is now permitted irrespective of students' rank and categories they come under
  • Under the proposed norms, mutual transfers will not be allowed to breach categories