Karnataka has set an example by choosing “nonconformist” writer Chandrashekar Patil (Champa) for the prestigious Pampa award, noted literary critic G.S. Amur has said.

At the inaugural session of a seminar on the life and works of Mr. Patil, held at Karnatak Vidyavardhak Sangha here on Friday, Mr. Amur said Mr. Patil, who represents the anti-establishment voice, had earned many enemies in all fields because of his outspoken and nonconformist attitude.

Selecting such a person for the literary award shows that Karnataka was ahead of others when it comes to matters of respecting democratic principles, Mr. Amur said.

Respecting differences of opinion was an essential feature of a matured democratic and liberal society, and Mr. Patil's selection for the award and its admiration even by his critics show that Kannadigas were a model for others in this regard, he said.

According to Mr. Amur, a true intellectual is always nonconformist by nature. Although they appear to be always criticising each and everything, in reality they are only doing the job of pointing out drawbacks in the system. Mr. Patil is the voice of the oppressed and the underprivileged, and he never compromises with his ideals, according to Mr. Amur.

Referring to his literary works, Mr. Amur said Mr. Patilwas admired for his prose. Besides experimenting with all kinds of literary forms, Mr. Patil had been successful in the field of education, Kannada movement, and in the fight for the cause of the deprived sections, he said.

In the sessions that followed, scholars and experts spoke on Mr. Patil's works.


Mr. Patil was felicitated at the valedictory function in the evening. Veteran journalist Patil Puttappa, poet Chennaveera Kanavi and the former Vice-Chancellor of Hampi Kannada University M.M. Kalburgi were present.

The writer is known for his nonconformist attitude: Amur