Special Correspondent

‘Political situation reminiscent of Emergency’

Farmers implicated as naxalites, says Ananthamurthy

‘Kannada’s originality kept alive by illiterates’

BANGALORE: The developments on various fronts in the State have been showing the signs of Karnataka becoming another Gujarat in the course of time, Jnanpith Award-winner U.R. Ananthamurthy has said.

Dr. Ananthamurthy was speaking at the release of his book Maatu Sota Bharata, a compilation of articles on several national issues published for over 50 years, here on Thursday.

The reports and the details on police encounters at various places in the State had at times given room for apprehensions and indicated that innocent farmers had been implicated as naxalites.

Besides, the political situation had been reminiscent of the Emergency days.

On path to disaster

The state of affairs in Karnataka had been thrusting towards making itself another Gujarat, he said.

Tracing the impact globalisation and the increasing influence of IT sector politics, language, media and human issues such as freedom, Dr. Murthy said Kannada had no longer remained as the “language of knowledge.”

Its structure at syntax and semantic levels had been taken for granted.


Despite disturbing and questionable developments in the usage of Kannada, its originality had been “kept alive by illiterates.”

Referring to the public response to his observation on S.L. Byrappa’s work Avarana, he said he had been receiving emails of questionable perception and taste from overseas, particularly from Non-Resident Indians.

Speaking on the quality literature in Kannada, Dr. Ananthamurthy pointed out the former Special Correspondent and now a columnist of The Hindu M.S. Prabhakara, who presided over the function, had started writing in Kannada in the pseudonym “Kamaroopi” earlier to him.

Mr. Prabhakara had contributed a handful of good stories to Kannada literature, he said.

The noted musician Rajiv Tranath and the noted literary critic Ki. Ram. Nagaraj spoke on the works and writing pattern of Dr. Murthy.