The government’s announcement that it will unveil a modified industrial policy by January 2014 with emphasis on the manufacturing sector has been met with scepticism by stakeholders in the city.

The announcement was made by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah while addressing the National Executive Council of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in Bangalore on Monday.

Members of the Mysore Industries Association (MIA) are sceptical as many of the policy initiatives that could have benefited the industrial sector have not been implemented by the government.

Suresh Kumar Jain, secretary of the association, told The Hindu that at least 50 per cent of the proposals envisaged in the previous policy had not been implemented. This included amendment in the law to constitute and establish an Industrial Township Authority. “This is a major demand by industrialists in the city as it will give a fillip to develop industrial estates in different cities and towns.

However, it has not been given a push by policymakers,” said Mr. Jain.

Local industrialists have submitted many appeals in support of the Industrial Township Authority as none of the major industrial areas in Mysore, including Hootagalli, Metagalli and Belawadi, have basic amenities.

In addition, the industries have to secure multiple clearances from various departments by paying the requisite fee and get them renewed annually.

The constitution of a township will provide for a single window agency dedicated to the development of the industrial area.

Remains on paper

Similarly, the much-touted Price and Purchase Preference Policy to give thrust to small-scale industries (SSIs) remained on paper said Mr. Jain.

Under this policy, government departments and organisations had to procure 15 per cent of their supplies from SSIs. They were also expected to be accorded preference in pricing, but this remained on paper, the MIA said.

“There are any number of government institutions and departments in the city, but even the order has not been passed to patronise SSIs,” the MIA added.

The stakeholders will press for decentralisation of registration of industries and project clearance at the district-level. At present, clearances are accorded at the local level only to projects below Rs. 3 crore. The MIA wants this figure to be increased to Rs. 5 crore for machinery and exclude the cost of land.

Though this demand has been aired earlier it has not been taken note of by the government.

The previous policy of establishing an electronic hardware technology park in Mysore is yet to see the light of day and the land acquired for the textile park at Nanjangud has been distributed to general industries.

However, Mr. Jain said a meeting of stakeholders from Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajnagar and surrounding districts in the Mysore division would be convened to suggest ideas give feedback . “We have urged the government to take us into confidence while preparing the policy and have been assured of the same,” he said.

  • ‘Many policies that could have benefited sector have not been implemented’

  • ‘Industrial Township Authority is a major demand by industrialists’