Muralidhara Khajane

MYSORE: In recent years, actor Vishnuvardhan seemed inclined towards spiritualism. According to his close friends, the sufferings he witnessed in his career which spanned 37 years forced him to take solace in philosophy. It was difficult for the media to get a straight answer from him in recent years, as he often spoke in abstract forms.

He used to exchange thoughts on matters relating to metaphysics with erudite scholar Bannanje Govindacharya, while visiting his house frequently. According to Prof. Bannanje, the actor invited him to several religious functions and at no time did they discuss films. In fact, Mr. Vishnuvardhan often expressed his desire to move away from films. Prof. Bannanje said he was like his own brother and the latter treated him as his spiritual guru. Vishnuvardhan had, in fact, collected a full set of CDs of Prof. Bannanje’s discourses. Mr. Vishnuvardhan, according to him, had grown spiritually within.

It is well known that Mr. Vishnuvardhan went through difficulties throughout his career. An untoward incident during the filming of “Gandhada Gudi” led to many scandals. The actor was under tremendous pressure for a long time. Mr. Vishnuvardhan was prepared to fight for the cause of Kannada and Kannadigas. He took an active role in the Gokak agitation which was launched to attain first language status for Kannada and had lent a shoulder to Dr. Rajkumar, who led the agitation. Mr. Vishnuvardhan was a great friend and a sensitive human being.