Bangalore Bureau

Bangalore: Governor Rameshwar Thakur on Friday told the joint session of the legislature that the Centre would be urged to accord special status to the Hyderabad Karnataka region under Article 371 of the Constitution for developing the backward region.

Mr. Thakur said the area had remained backward for historical reasons. The Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra had been given special status under the same Article and it should be extended to Hyderabad Karnataka too.

Provision had been made in the last two budgets for the development of 114 backward taluks based on the recommendations of the D.M. Nanjundappa committee. He said special attention would be paid to the implementation of the same in the coming years.

He said reforms in governance were the key to bringing about rapid transformation in the lives of the people. There was a need for new thinking on how the Government should function, improve the planning process, ensure effective delivery of services and accountability, motivate employees to work for the welfare of citizens and tackle corruption.

The Governor said the Government believed that all the reforms at the Centre should be brought about at the State level also to reap the benefits of the global economy.