MYSORE: The Regional Institute of Education (RIE) here celebrated National Science Day on Tuesday, which was marked by a special lecture on “Biodiversity of animals”.

S.N. Hegde, professor, Department of Studies in Zoology of the University of Mysore, made a presentation on the topic and explained the various aspects of diversity related to species, genetic and ecosystem and described the factors responsible for the loss of biodiversity.

G.T. Bhandage, Principal of RIE, spoke about the importance of National Science Day and said it was celebrated every year in the country on February 28 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman who went on to win the Nobel prize in physics for his discovery. Prof. Bhandage said that the theme of National Science Day 2010 was “Gender equity for prosperity with peace”. N.N. Prahallada of RIE welcomed.