Overall sowing in kharif season to be below target

Heavy rain in the third week of August has resulted in sowing activity in Gulbarga district gathering steam, according to officials in the Agriculture Department.

They said that while the monthly average rainfall for August was 167 mm, 129.8 mm fell in the third week alone.

They said this had made up for the lack of rainfall in the first two weeks of August and in July.

They said despite the erratic rainfall, farmers had exceeded the target set for red gram. As against the target of 3.35 lakh ha fixed by the Government for red gram this year, farmers have completed sowing in 3.51 lakh ha.

Officials said, however, that sowing in the district had been completed in only 4.93 lakh ha as against the targeted area of 5.60 lakh ha.

They said the shortfall meant that the target for the rabi season would most probably be higher than previously decided.