In the light of the recent arrest of Naveen Soorinje, the Kasturi Newz 24 TV journalist who was arrested with regard to the Mangalore homestay case, Media Watch Bengaluru will conduct its 5th Open Media Matters event about the curious case of Naveen Soorinje.

The panel discussion, which will be a bilingual event on Thursday, will explore larger issues related to it and the implications that it has on freedom of expression.

Some of the key issues that will be addressed are if a journalist should report or intervene while covering an attack. The discussion will cover how journalists can report events if they fear arrest for doing their job. The panellists are journalists K.S. Dakshina Murthy, Parashuram Tahashildar, Vasanthi Hariprakash and lawyer Nitin R..

The event begins at noon at the Jain University Centre for Management Studies, Palace Road, next to Atria Hotel.