Shruthi Shivabasavaiah

BANGALORE: Cold water, ice creams, cool drinks, sun lotions, a swim in the pool, all these sound cool, of course. With temperatures soaring, especially in the last two weeks, these are some of the things that tend to come first to mind to most in the city.

`A headache'

"It's so hot, you don't feel like getting out of the house, I get a headache almost every day because of the heat," says Tejas N., an engineering student.

"A lot of power shutdowns take place nowadays owing to the onset of summer," says Sannidhi V.J., a public relations executive. "The climate in the city has become unpredictable. This may be due to the decrease in the tree cover in the city. Planting more trees is the only way out."

Parykshyth Chethan, another student, says, "The increase in temperatures is also leading to a reduction in groundwater levels. The primary reason for this is global warming. The booming population and increase in the number of vehicles on roads could also be responsible for the rise in temperatures."

Director of the Meteorological Department B. Puttana says, "Apart from global warming, which is the main reason for the rise in temperatures, it is in the months of March, April and May that the country comes directly under the sun's rays.

"That is why our days are also longer during these months."

He adds: "The only respite we can hope for is rain, which will bring down the temperature."Many also say no amount of sunscreen lotion is going to help protect anyone against the scorching heat. The only ones who might benefit are the sellers of cucumber and watermelon, who can hope for an increase in sales.