Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Polling officials had to spend the whole night before the gram panchayat elections in the fear of being stung by bees at Upparahalli near Hoskote. Five officials, including two women, were deputed for polling duty in a school.

However, as they entered the classroom on Friday evening, they saw a huge beehive in a corner of the room.

The local people told the polling officials not to worry about the bees as teachers took classes for children in the same classroom. About 800 people had come to cast their votes on Saturday morning, but fortunately the bees did not trouble the voters.

Looking the other way

In another incident on Saturday at Alappanahalli near Hoskote village, portraits of national leaders were flipped over to face the wall so that they would not “influence” the voters.

Party workers had turned the photographs of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi. Moreover, portraits of gods and goddesses were turned over.

When asked about this, a Congress worker said: “Most of these national leaders were senior Congress leaders. Hence workers of other parties thought that these portraits may influence the voters to vote.”

Supari deal

Voters were honoured with betel leaves and areca nuts at Kammasandra near Hoskote during the gram panchayat polls on Saturday.

Candidates and their supporters admired the voters by giving betel leaves and then taking a promise from them that they would cast their votes to a particular party only. As per Hindu tradition, the promise given by accepting betel leaves and areca nuts should be honoured and not broken. One of the party workers told The Hindu that “winning elections is a game. We don't know who will win until the results are declared. But we will keep trying. We honoured our supporters and requested them to elect us.”