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Achieves second place in power generation

Unit generates power non-stop for 273 daysObliterates Mettur Thermal Power Station markVijayawada Thermal Power Station is first at 441 days

Raichur: The sixth unit of the Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) has achieved second place at the national level for non-stop generation of power for 273 days till Tuesday, surpassing the record set by the third unit of the Mettur Thermal Power Station in Tamil Nadu.

The Vijayawada Thermal Power Station in Andhra Pradesh stands first with one of its units generating power non-stop for 441 days.

In a press release here on Tuesday, Muralidhar Rao, Executive Director (Thermal), RTPS, said the sixth unit of the RTPS, which was synchronised on September 27, 2005, worked continuously for 273 days generating about 1,342 million units (mu) of power at a plant load factor (PLF) of 97.5 per cent. Earlier, the unit operated continuously for 29 days.

As far as the functioning of the RTPS is concerned, all the seven units, each of 210-MW capacity, have been functioning normally with a gross generation of 31.58 mu daily.

The net power being supplied to the State grid is about 28.78 mu.

Less hydel generation

Generation from hydel sources in the State has been reduced following a fall in demand for power due to rainfall all over the State. Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. is maintaining generation at about 14 mu daily from the hydel stations. In addition, the State is importing between 32 mu and 33 mu daily.

The consumption of power in the State has come down to 77 mu a day. It was over 125 mu before the start of the monsoon.