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‘It is nothing but constitution of the nation’

J.S. Patil felicitated in Hubli

HUBLI: Vice-Chancellor of the Karnataka State Law University J.S. Patil said on Saturday that the ancient Indian administration system and the concept of “raja dharma” was the greatest among different administrative systems across the world.

He was inaugurating the law lecture series “The Roots” organised by the Karnataka Institute for Law and Parliamentary Reform (KILPAR) at J.S.S. Sakri Law College here.

“Under the ancient Indian administrative system, the king used to work for the welfare of the citizens, while the citizens toiled hard for the nation. And, wars were fought honestly. However, in the present days, Western countries had imposed their views and ideology on countries like India, subsequently forcing them to change their basic administrative systems. As a result, people are only fighting for their rights forgetting their duties,” he said. Delivering a special lecture on “raja dharma”, Prof. Vittalacharya Junjarawada said that “raja dharma” was nothing but constitution of the nation.


Presiding over the programme, Director of KILPAR Dakshinamaurthy said that appropriate changes could be brought into practice only when, apart from studying the present law, efforts were made to understand the ancient “raja dharma” and social and legal systems.

On the occasion, Dr. Patil was felicitated on behalf of the college.

Principal Veena Madhav Tonapi made introductory remarks.