A tiger was spotted at Katte Manuganahalli around 1.5 km from H.D. Kote in the district on Thursday, causing panic among the local people.

The tiger had killed three goats and was first seen by a resident, Nagamma, near her field on the banks of the Taraka. The Forest Department was informed and forest guard Rangaswamy was sent to check. The tiger emerged from the field for some time and was spotted again.

It is not clear as to how the tiger strayed from its habitat. The nearest forest is in the Metikuppe range of Nagarahole National Park, which is about 6 km from the village.

It may be recalled that people of Jiara and Kotttanahalli villages — around 9 km from H.D. Kote — had seen a tiger a few days ago. The Forest Department personnel were unable to capture it.