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The Meteorological Department says there may be rain today also

Bangalore: The city experienced sudden showers on Saturday evening. The showers helped reduce the temperature by a couple of degrees. People were caught unawares and were seen scurrying for cover. The day temperatures that have been hovering between 32 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius came down after the brief rain.

"The sudden showers have made the weather pleasant. There is a slight nip in the air. I do not mind being caught in a traffic jam now," said Ismail, an autorickshaw driver.

Bangalore South experienced heavy rainfall when compared to other parts of the city. "I knew it would rain sooner or later, what with the weather being so hot over the past few days. As a precaution, I have been carrying my umbrella and it came to my rescue today," said Ravi N. Sharma of Seshadripuram.

According to the duty officer at the Meteorological Department, the city will get more rain on Sunday.

"We had issued the forecast on Friday that the city will experience rain on Saturday and Sunday," the officer told The Hindu. The rain, also known as summer showers, is a regular feature during this time. "The rain occurs after three or four days of extreme dry and high temperatures. During this time, the moisture gets accumulated in the atmosphere and condenses in the form of rain. The summer showers are late this year," the officer said.