It was a lucky escape for Hema Chandrashekhar, who lives with her family on the first floor of the building in front of which an improvised explosive device (IED) went off at Malleswaram on Wednesday morning. The impact of the blast blew doors from their hinges, one of them landing on the furniture. The window glass was reduced to smithereens.

Amazingly, Ms. Chandrashekhar escaped without a single scratch. “I was actually watching TV in the hall and was sitting very close to the doors. But just a few moments after I got up from there, I heard a loud blast and saw flames. It was providence that I moved away at the right time.”

Door jams shut

However, her son found himself stuck in his room as the impact jammed the door shut. “We had to use a screwdriver to lever the lock and get him out,” Ms. Chandrashekhar said.

Soon after the blast, the area witnessed a power outage. “We initially thought it was an electrical problem because we saw flames near the electrical wire. We were then told that it was a bomb blast,” she said. The blast has left Indira, a resident of the ground floor of the building, thoroughly shaken. “I was sitting near the kitchen window around 10.30 a.m. when shock wave resulted in violent rattling of window panes. I saw glass shards strewn around the house, especially at the entrance.”

Shocked elder

Nursing his injured ankle, Guruva Reddy (82), who lives down the road, sat in a corner trying to collect himself. He was putting on his shirt at his home when the explosion ripped through, shattering window panes, and the pieces piercing his ankle. A still shocked Mr. Reddy said: “I am just glad I don’t suffer from blood pressure or diabetes. It would have been very difficult to cope with such injuries.” A few metres away from where he sat, hundreds of people, including police personnel and a large media contingent, jammed the area.

Malleswaram 11th Cross was carpeted with shattered glass, mostly from the broken window shields of parked vehicles.