On Valentine’s Day, members of the Students Federation of India (SFI) and the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) sent out a message that was loud and clear. Break caste and religious barriers and encourage people of different communities to fall in love.

Speaking during a panel discussion, Kannada film director V. Manohar said there was a need to encourage inter-caste marriages as it would help break barriers between castes. He said although there was progress in science and technology, people still looked at caste as an integral part of their identity. “Politicians still use caste to gather votes; it is still an important issue in their minds. There is a need to encourage people from different castes to fall in love as it can help address various social issues,” he added. He pointed out that divorce was an “individual choice” and there was a need for people to accept it if the couple decided to part ways.

Meanwhile, K.S. Lakshmi, State secretary, AIDWA, spoke against moral policing saying the government needs to take a proactive stand against it.

Encourage people from different castes to fall in love, it can help address various social issues