Doctors at A.J. Hospital and Research Centre, Mangalore, have successfully rejoined the severed upper limbs of a person through a complicated surgery that went on for nearly eight hours.

Professor and Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Dinesh Kadam, told presspersons here on Wednesday that the limbs were rejoined through a microvascular surgery three months ago. He was supported by plastic surgeon Sanath Bhandary,, anaesthetist Thrivikrama Tantry, Rajesh Hukkeri and orthopaedic surgeon Shridhar Shetty.

Dr. Kadam said that losing both upper limbs was extremely uncommon, which would leave the person dependent on others rest of his life.

He said Sharath Chandra (32) was attacked by three armed men from behind near Mangalore Railway Station, who chopped off his upper limbs.

While the left arm was severed at the shoulder level, the right was severed at the mid forearm.

Dr. Kadam said the patient suffered severe blood loss and was barely conscious when he was brought to the hospital eight hours after the attack. He said the patient was now able to move his fingers in the right hand, but it would take at least one and half year for him to move his left hand.

Dr Kadam said that if patients with severed limb or finger were brought to the nearest super-specialty hospital in time and if the severed organ was properly sealed and kept in cold condition, it would be possible to reattach the organ even up to 12 to 18 hours after the mishap.