Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: In a first for the State, seven judges, including Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court P.D. Dinakaran, sat from 4 p.m. to hear criminal petitions (bail matters) on Tuesday.

The Chief Justice, who sat single, disposed of 49 criminal petitions, granting bail to those accused who were in jail or in custody.

The Chief Justice gave bail to Deenu, an associate of Govardhan Murthy, a cinema producer, who is accused of shooting his friend in a farmhouse near Bangalore. He also gave bail in two different cases to two persons accused of rape. Six other judges also heard bail pleas. The High Court had distributed bail petitions among several courts as it wanted to ensure that the liberty of a man was not curtailed and that he did not spend time behind bars unnecessarily.

This is the first time in the history of the State that so many judges on a single day heard bail petitions.