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`Such centres do not conform to the technical standards'

`Closure of 1,700 chawki centres has affected sericulture development' JSS Institution opens 10 `chawki' centres with Central assistance

MYSORE: The Karnataka Professional Sericulturists' Service Association has urged the Sericulture Department to monitor private "chawki" rearing centres as they do not conform to the technical standards laid down for the purpose.

A press release issued here on Wednesday by association president S.S. Sadananda said many had "chawki" rearing business in Mandya and Kolar districts and there was a necessity for the department to supervise such centres.

He said that the department, which had opened 1,700 "chawki" rearing centres under a World Bank scheme, had closed them.

This move by the department had affected the development of sericulture in the State, he said.

A positive development in sericulture was the establishment of 10 "chawki" centres by the JSS Institution after obtaining funds from the Centre. Urging the department to open a "chawki" rearing centre in the government silk farm, Mr. Sadananda, a former Joint Director of Sericulture, said that there was a great demand from sericulturists to set up such centres in the State.


Through such centres, Mr. Sadananda said, sericulturists would have an option to study the health of silkworms and it would also save time in procurement of silkworm eggs. In some silk producing countries, "chawki" worms were supplied to farmers instead of silkworm eggs, he added.