Staff Correspondent

Many duping cases reported in city

MYSORE: The police have warned senior citizens against entertaining strangers in the wake of many duping cases reported in the city in the recent past.

A press release issued here on Thursday by Police Commissioner Praveen Sood cautioned aged women against impostors. Giving details of women being duped by strangers, the release said that four such cases had been reported in the city.

In the latest incident, two women cheated Puttalakshamma, 53, of her gold jewellery while she was waiting for bus near the Gun House to go to Nanjangud on Monday, the release said. The two women, who befriended Ms. Puttalakshamma at the bus stand, warned her against travelling by bus wearing jewellery and suggested that she could carry them in her handbag. Pretending to help her, they diverted her attention and took away the jewellery.

In another incident, four persons cheated Siddalingamma, 60, of her jewellery near Jayanagar Railway Gate on March 29. They took away the jewellery valued at Rs. 32,000 after diverting her attention, the release said.