Vishwaprasanna Tirtha Swami, junior seer of Pejawar Math on Wednesday said that he had launched a campaign, ‘Vriksha Rakshaa – Vishwa Rakshaa’, to protect trees which more than 100 years old in Udupi district.

Addressing presspersons here, the seer said that many trees, which were more than 100 years were being felled for the purpose of widening of roads, construction of big buildings and houses, and other purposes. Old trees were also being felled while renovating the “Nagabanas”.

In some places even hills had become barren without trees and shrubs. Many old, magnificent and rare trees were being brought down by earthmoving equipments for the sake of development. “I am not against development but at the same time, it is necessary to save old trees and our environment. We have to save as much as possible. We have to save trees, bushes and even big rocks for future generations,” he said.

To fulfil this objective, it was necessary to identify the old trees. It was essential to create awareness about the importance of such trees to among the people and especially among those in whose lands they were found.

“If cutting such trees is inevitable, we should try to save them by replanting or relocating them in a new place. If the government provides 100 acres, we can replant or relocate the old trees there,” he said.


The seer said that if anyone saw an old or rare tree, they can take a snap, note down the brief details of the place, the owner’s name and address and email it to

Once the information was received, K. Gopalakrishna Bhat, botanist, would visit the area and collect all the details of the tree. Then efforts would be made to convince the owner to protect the tree by the seer along with a team of experts including Dr. Bhat, N.A. Madhyastha, V. Aravinda Hebbar, botanists, Vijayeendra Rao, scientist, Purshotham Adve and Ramesh Adiga, naturalists.

“We will put sincere efforts to educate the owners and the society about the importance and use of the trees, and try to ensure their safe existence”, he said.

In addition, efforts would be made to seek the cooperation of the Government, botanists, NCC and NSS officers, students, forest conservation officials, environmentalists and developers. Every district should have a biodiversity park to protect old and rare trees. While the campaign was presently launched in the district, it would slowly be extended to other places also, the seer said.

Vishwesha Tirtha Swami of Pejawar Math was present.

  • If you see an old or rare tree, take a snap and send details to

  • Once the information is received, a botanist, will visit the area and collect the details of the tree