All private security agencies must obtain licence, says Bache Gowda

Labour Minister B.N. Bache Gowda has instructed private security agencies not to exploit security guards who discharge their duties under difficult circumstances.


Speaking at the first ‘Private Security Services Day', organised by the Karnataka Security Services Association (KSSA) here on Sunday, Mr. Gowda emphasised that security guards should receive minimum wages and be brought under the Employees' State Insurance and Provident Fund schemes.

Mr. Gowda recommended a common uniform for private security guards.

He said that all private security agencies must obtain licence from the Government and also issue certificates to their workforce.

Mr. Gowda also suggested that the KSSA take steps to upgrade the skills of security guards.


Reacting to the statistics announced by the organisers at the function, Mr. Gowda said: “Contrary to the general perception that private security guards are from outside the State, at least 70 per cent of guards working in the State are Kannadigas.”

The Minister suggested that members of KSSA and security agencies apprise Union Labour Minister M. Mallikarjun Kharge and the State Labour Ministry of the facts so that security guards could avail themselves of benefits.

“I have been the Labour Minister for the last three years. But in that time nobody from the KSSA or any security agency has approached me to discuss the plight of security guards. The organisers here are saying that at least five lakh persons are working as security guards in the State. But, according to ministry statistics there are only 50,000 security guards in the State,” he said, and asked: “where are the other 4.5 lakh security guards?”

Mr. Gowda's 35-minute speech received a tremendous response from the 1,500 security guards gathered at the spot.

  • ‘Union Labour Minister and State Labour Ministry should be apprised of the facts'
  • ‘The KSSA should take steps to upgrade the skills of security guards'