T.V. Sivanandan

Of the Rs. 48.55 crore earmarked for this year, Rs. 29.39 crore has been spent

The expenditure was Rs. 33.27 crore

last year

1,183 works have been completed

this year

GULBARGA: The district administration has submitted a proposal to the Union Government seeking second instalment of funds for the implementation of works under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS).

The Chief Executive Officer of the Gulbarga Zilla Panchayat, P.C. Jaffer, told The Hindu on Saturday that the proposal was sent on Friday. Gulbarga was one of the six districts in the State where NREGS was launched two years ago.

Expenditure last year

Mr. Jaffer said last year, the expenditure under NREGS in the district was Rs. 33.27 crore. Of the Rs. 48.55-crore earmarked for the current year, Rs. 29.39 crore had been spent. Employment to the needy was given in rural areas.

Last year, 1,334 works were completed in the district. This year, 1,183 works had been completed and 2,018 works were in various stages of completion.

Job cards

As many as 2.15 lakh households in the district had been provided job cards. Of them, 78,703 were Scheduled Castes and 27,980 Scheduled Tribes.


During the current year up to February 15, 69,459 people had been provided employment.

During the year, 1,759 households had been provided the mandatory 100 days’ employment, he said.

Of the Rs. 29.39 crore spent in the distrct, Yadgir taluk topped the list by utilising Rs. 5.64 crore, followed by Surpur, where Rs. 4.48 crore was spent and Gulbarga Rs. 3.87 crore. Sedam taluk utilised only Rs. 95 lakh, he said.

Water conservation

Mr. Jaffer said that for water conservation and water harvesting works, Rs. 1.96 crore had been spent, followed by Rs 4.59 crore on drought proofing works that included afforestation and other activities.

A sum of Rs. 3.69 crore had been spent on renovation of water bodies and Rs. 6.44 crore on rural connectivity.

Irrigation works

A sum of Rs. 1.05 crore had been spent on minor irrigation works, including minor canals, and Rs. 55 lakh on irrigation facilities.

A sum of Rs. 1.15 crore had been spent on land development activities.

The wage component in the expenditure under NREGS this year was Rs. 17.04 crore.

The material component was Rs. 11.46 crore and the administrative component was Rs. 88 lakh. This was well within the expenditure norms fixed by the Union Government, he said.