Outraged after the alleged corporal punishment meted out to a student, a group of around 40 people assaulted a secretary of a school on Saturday in Ramanagaram district.

In a complaint filed with the Ramanagaram Rural police, Rita Manu said a group of men, among whom she identified Basavaraju and Kritinarayan, assaulted her on Bethel International School premises at Archakarahalli around 10.30 a.m.

The assault, which took place in full view of the local electronic media, was in response to the allegation that she had thrashed a Class IV student.

The student's father, Basavaraju, his associate Kritinarayan, and their friends and relatives barged into the school on Saturday and assaulted Ms. Rita, said Praveen Babu, Ramanagaram Rural police inspector.

No arrests have been made yet.

  • Assault took place in front of electronic media

  • She allegedly thrashed a student