Jewellers hardly promote silver items because of reasons known to them. Silver Kraft, located on 6 {+t} {+h} Cross, Malleswaram is an exception. It sells only silverware such as pooja items, water bowls, plates, lamps, mantaps and so on.

It is quite an experience as you enter the shop and it will unforgettable. Ashish Saklecha, Managing Director of Silver Kraft, says, “We wanted give a different look to our showroom and hence, we have used ‘bright blue' theme to provide a different experience to our customers.”

His grandfater started Inder Jewellery Mart in the late 60s. It sells gold and diamond items but Silver Kraft is “silver exclusive” store.

They also make custom-designed articles.

“Our vision is to promote quality in the field with more transparency in business. Jewellery business is trust-oriented and our family has realised this long time ago.

We also believe in giving highest standard of service and satisfaction to our customers. Hence, we are known for quality and variety,” Mr. Ashish says.

For example, he says they offer wide variety of choice to customers in pooja items, which makes their store very special. “Our range includes gold-polished silver items and we also sell lamps that weigh 8 to 10 kilos.”

Mr. Ashish says that Bangaloreans are well informed and before they enter the shop, they have a fair idea of the prices, latest trends and designs.

They are conscious of the fact that they do not want to become a victim of irregular metal quality.

Many Bangaloreans invest on gold or silver from their disposable income and they are very conscous of the designs, he says.

Silver Kraft does not believe in busines gimmickry. Discounts, offers or any other such promotional activities are firm no, no here.

“Customers must understand that these offers are not straight-forward. They must make informed choices,” he says.

Silver Kraft, which was opened recently in January, has also plans to add to its variety, which is already very exhaustive.

It sells imported silver jewellery from Italy and Bangkok. It will soon start selling dinner sets and tea sets.

Plans are afoot to set up one more showroom in the same area.

“Customers look at the background of the jeweller and the kind of service he offers as the quality is already being customised by the government,” Mr. Ashish adds.

Sudhindr A.B