In its bid to enhance infrastructure and facilities meant for the old and distressed citizens, the Goa Government will fund old age homes through a new scheme called Sanjeevani.

To be implemented through its Social Welfare Department and with a budgetary provision of Rs. 1 crore, the funding will be in the nature of grants.

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, who inaugurated the 22nd batch of Home Nursing at Sanjeevan, a society for youth development, at Nagueshi-Ponda in Central Goa, recently, announced the scheme there.

Under the Sanjeevani scheme, annually Rs. 5.93 lakh will be given to each old age home to meet expenses towards staff honorarium, food for residents, building rent, health care, doctors and medicine charges, recreation such as books, magazines, newspapers, games, besides electricity, water telephone charges and a one-time grant for utensils, furniture and purchase of television.

Simultaneously, another scheme to reimburse fees to candidates who opt for Home Nursing courses in Government-recognised educational institutions has been prepared which will be implemented through Social welfare and Tribal Welfare Department, the Chief Minister said.

This scheme will be applicable for four courses — a six-month certificate course, a three-year degree course, a health worker course and a one-year diploma in home nursing.

The scheme envisages provision of Rs. 12 lakh for social welfare and Rs. 6 lakh for tribal welfare. It also envisages allowance of Rs. 800 per month for maintenance and Rs. 1,000 for hostel, besides Rs. 2,000 annually for uniform, books and stationery for each student.

The State is in the process of implementing the Parents and Senior Citizens Maintenance Act, 2007, to give relief to old people and senior citizens who need support system from their families.

Mr. Kamat said the Government has concern for elderly people and is implementing schemes for their benefit, including the Rs. 1,000-monthly pension under the Dayanand Social Security Scheme and a stipend of Rs. 1,500 to special children and financial assistance to artists under the Kalakar Krityanadata Nidhi in their old age.

Over one lakh people have benefited through these three schemes.

  • A budgetary provision of Rs. 1 crore made
  • Rs. 5.93 lakh to be given to each old age home annually