The Janawadi Mahila Sanghatane has condemned Bidar Zilla Panchayat members who have complained against officials for “disrespecting their spouses”.

“Some of the male members have even gone to the extent of saying that women should be excused from their official duties as they have domestic responsibilities such as raising a family or cooking. They have instead sought permission for the women’s spouses to attend functions and meetings, saying that such practices were allowed in other districts. They have sought the transfer of Ujjwal Kumar Ghosh, Chief Executive Officer, who has refused to yield to such demands. This is highly condemnable,” they said.

‘Select right persons’

The sanghatane demanded that parties select self-respecting women who are capable of taking decisions by themselves. “They should not give the ticket to women who are subservient to male politicians or who act as proxy candidates,” they said.

“It is sad that women members are being made to toe the line by men who are behaving in a manner that reflects their feudal and patriarchal mindset,” JMS leaders said.