Special Correspondent

SHIMOGA: A.J. Sadashiva, former judge of the High Court of Karnataka, who heads the commission to review internal reservation, received several petitions from Dalit organisations during his discussion held by him here on Wednesday.

The representations made to him by the organisations suggested that reservation be determined on the basis of classifications of internal reservation, castes and population in a bid to make the dream of social justice for the oppressed classes as was envisioned by B.R. Ambedkar a reality.

He gave a patient hearing to the various communities.

It was pointed out that though the Government brought 101castes under the 15 per cent reservation for Scheduled Castes and 51 castes under the three per cent reservation for Scheduled Tribes to ensure justice to them in education, politics and employment, there were several castes that remained outside reservation.

It was suggested that there be internal reservation even among Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in proportion to the population. It was pointed out that the growing social and economic disparity even among these castes categorised as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes had denied social justice to the deserving castes among them.

Most of the representations made to the commission insisted that the population be taken as criterion to determine quota. The need for taking economic backwardness even among forward castes into consideration was voiced in some other petitions.