Following Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s assurance to the members of the State Legislative Assembly on Tuesday to advertise for the posts of Chief State Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioner within eight days, Right to Information activist and national RTI Award winner Rajan Ghate on Tuesday evening deferred his indefinite hunger strike over the issue by a month.

Mr. Ghate told The Hindu on Tuesday that he had decided to give Mr. Parrikar time as wished by the latter to take concrete steps in this regard.

On Sunday, at the first rural RTI convention held in Madkai village, Mr. Ghate had announced his plans of an indefinite strike from Tuesday at Azad Maidan in the city if the government did not give a concrete assurance on the floor of the State Assembly over the appointments of the Information Commissioners. The State Information Commission was non-functional for well over one-and-a-half year with appeals and complaints pending in large numbers.

Ghate was to

begin his indefinite hunger strike from