The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has incurred a loss of Rs. 499.67 crore by violating rules in allotting alternative sites, civic amenity sites, G category sites and land leases.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (BDA) report, which was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, disclosed these irregularities and detected encroachment of 1,039.33 acres of parks in 13 BDA layouts.

From 2007 to 2011, the BDA allotted 438 G category sites on the orders of the government. However, it had stopped allotting these sites following a High Court order. The order said that government had no authority or power under the BDA Act 1976, and BDA (allotment of sites) Rules 1984 to direct the authority to allot sites to any person under G category.

However, later, the BDA allotted 22 G category sites long after the judgment. It said that 60 per cent of the allottees under this category were not MLAs, MLCs, MPs, Ministers or sportspersons and the BDA could not determine merits of allotments. It allotted 10 sites violating BDA (allotment of sites) Rules during 2007-11 to persons who had declared that they or their dependents had their own sites and houses. If the same had been auctioned, the BDA would have earned Rs. 9.84 crore.

The BDA allotted four corner sites and 22 commercial sites violating the BDA (Disposal of corner sites and commercial sites) Rules 1984 and incurred a loss of Rs. 2.67 crore. Government approved bulk allotment of 46 G sites in 2007 to members belonging to a samiti, resulting in a loss of Rs.11.08 crore.

It incurred a loss of Rs. 36.83 crore when the BDA Allotment Committee and the BDA commissioner irregularly allotted 34 and 11 alternative sites respectively during 2007-12. When an allottee seeks an alternative site, he or she should be given a site in a layout, which is formed later.

In 46 cases, the BDA Commissioner and Secretary irregularly allotted alternative sites during the period without approval of the Allotment Committee, incurring a loss of Rs. 54.17 crore. They should have been auctioned, the CAG opines.

Similarly, four commercial sites were allotted as alternative sites during the period. If auctioned it would have fetched the BDA Rs. 2.98 crore. Various house building cooperative societies had not relinquished 18 civic amenity sites measuring 32,584.61 square metre in favour of BDA as of March 2012.