Two short films, Rosa Mystica and Twins, which speak about dead values in civil society, will be screened at Alliance Francaise, Millers Road on Wednesday at 11 am.

Painter and sculptor John Devaraj, who has scripted and directed the films said the films were being released on Wednesday to mark Children’s Day .

The films

Rosa Mystica , a 15-minute short film is about Rosa, a six-year-old child with the “dubious distinction of burying memories of her mother.” Reshma Malaika, on whom the film is based, says: “After I told John Devaraj my story I felt relieved. And when I saw the movie I become very nostalgic about my mother. I don’t remember my mother’s face, but now I recollected my feeling and connected with her. I couldn’t imagine that his film could bring me so close to my mother.”

Dead values

Twins , a 20-minute film is about the dead values in our civil society and the hypocritical attitude that people adopt towards child labour when dealing with children of lesser parents.

“Although child labour is prohibited by law , it lives in the hearts and minds of society. Civil society has yet to recognize child labour as crime. This has resulted in the creation of 127 million working children in the country. Every tenth Indian is a working child,” said Mr. Devaraj.

  • The films will be screened at Alliance Francaise, Miller's Road, at 11 a.m. today

  • Twins is about the hypocritical attitude people adopt towards child labour