Farmers to take out rally in Dharwad today

Even as the agricultural activities for the rabi season have gained momentum in the district, the skyrocketing prices of fertilizers has become matter of concern.

Though the fertilizer-related problems are common every year, this season the prices of fertilizers have almost doubled compelling farmers to take loans to buy them. Even the prices of fertilizers being provided by the Government have been on the higher side. During the kharif season, 50 kg of DAP fertilizer was available at Rs. 600 but now the prices are anywhere between Rs. 850 and Rs. 950 depending upon the brand.

The price of urea, which is in great demand, has gone up from Rs. 250 for 50 kg to Rs. 350 to Rs. 450.

Expressing concern over the situation, farmer's leader Gangadhar Kulkarni said the Centre had failed to check the spiralling prices of essential commodities, including that of fertilizers. The rising production cost in agriculture and irrational pricing of agricultural produce has forced the younger generation to take up other professions rather than farming.

Protest rally

Mr. Gangadhar Kulkarni said farmers will take out a rally on Tuesday in Dharwad to protest against the apathy of the Government in addressing issues concerning the farmers.

Organic farming

Organic farmer Ashok Mansur said it would not be possible to expect the prices of the fertilizers and other chemicals being used in farming to come down in the near future.

It is high time that farmers think seriously about taking to organic farming, which is economical and environment friendly.

  • Rising costs forcing youth to take up other professions, says Gangadhar Kulkarni
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