Differences of opinion between two officers in the Revenue Department came out in the open on Monday when the chamber of one officer was locked by his senior, preventing the former from discharging his duties.

Dhananjay, Assistant Director of Land Records, arrived at his workplace on the premises of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in the morning, as usual. However, he was surprised to see his chamber locked and his name board removed.

After inquiring with staff members, he came to know that the chamber had been locked as per the instructions of B.S. Venugopal, Deputy Director of Land Records.

According to Mr. Dhananjay, his senior refused to give the keys to him stating that he had informed the Deputy Commissioner about his decision and that he should approach the Deputy Commissioner to get the chamber opened.

Mr. Dhananjay told presspersons that his senior had illegally removed the regular lock and replaced it with a new one to prevent him from entering the chamber.

Photos taken

However, when presspersons tried to seek Mr. Venugopal’s reaction, he did not allow them to enter his chamber. He said that he would speak to the media only if they obtained permission from the Deputy Commissioner. Besides, he took photos of presspersons who had gone to his chamber and threatened to file a police complaint against them for entering his chamber.

V. Anbukkumar, Deputy Commissioner, told presspersons here that he was aware of the developments and would talk to the officers concerned.