His thoughts were on a new beginning post-retirement. But, it all came to naught when fifty-three-year-old Wing Commander Mukesh Mishra (retd.) was murdered by a gang of five when he tried to resist them on February 8 near Attibele. They bludgeoned his head with a boulder and buried him in an isolated spot.

The gory crime went undetected till Wednesday, almost a week later, when one of the accused was picked up by the police for attempting to rob others, and he confessed to the murder.

Wg.Cdr. Mishra’s wife, who was in Mumbai arranging for their relocation, remained in the dark about her husband’s death till the police broke the news to her on Wednesday. The couple have two daughters studying in Mumbai.

Deputy Superintendent of Police N. Nagraj told T he Hindu that Wg.Cdr. Mishra, who was staying in an apartment in Hebbagodi, had set up a dhaba in the locality after retirement. After he incurred losses, he shut it down and the couple decided to relocate to Mumbai.

On February 8, Wg.Cdr. Mishra was at a local bar when three of the assailants, who were also having alcohol, began to quarrel with him over a trivial matter.

Wg.Cdr. Mishra beat them up. Enraged, the accused left the bar only to return with two others on motorcycles, and waited outside for him. When Wg.Cdr. Mishra headed back home on his moped, the gang followed him, and at an isolated spot they attacked and robbed him of his wallet.

The assailants doused the body with petrol, and set it ablaze. They later buried the partially burnt body.

The next morning, passers-by noticed blood on the road and informed the police, but there were no leads.

The Attibele police, however, picked up one among the gang when he was attempting to rob a person in the same area a couple of days later. During questioning, he confessed to the murder.

All the accused have been arrested.