Residents of Timmapurpet in the city have sought a change in the proposal to widen the road between Hanuman theatre and the government school in the locality.

The authorities, on November 11, proposed to widen the road to 45 feet. The residents have asked the Deputy Commissioner to restrict he road width to 40 feet. “The area marked by the authorities [for demolition] is inhabited by poor daily wage workers. The Deputy Commissioner should reconsider the proposed widening as it is not a major road. We demand that the road be widened to 40 feet,” they said. The government should make sure that the people affected by the widening are rehabilitated and given proper compensation, they added.

They questioned why the authorities had dropped the original plan to widen the road from Netaji Nagar Circle to the government school in Timmapurpet.

“Widening the stretch between Hanuman theatre and the government school and leaving the other half of the stretch between Netaji Nagar Circle and Hanuman theatre untouched doesn’t serve the purpose. The entire road should be widened,” they demanded.

They, however, said that the authorities should not take up the road-widening work on both stretches simultaneously. A memorandum was submitted to Deputy Commissioner S.N. Nagarju.