Reading too much

In response to last week’s Public Eye on rising crime against senior citizens, Anuradha R. writes: You went too far in painting a bleak picture of namma Bengaluru. True, the cases of attacks against the elderly seem to be on the rise as are those against women, — alone or otherwise.

But for every bleak case, there is also a case of hope and optimism, which rarely gets reported.

The joint family may be breaking up along with traditional values but that can’t be the sole reason for the rise in crime rate. It has to do with a complex multiplicity of factors ranging from deprivation, unemployment and the class divide which invariably leads to festering resentment. But even here, for every crime that is reported, there are countless acts by Good Samaritans.

Our city welcomes migrants, encourages the youth in the pursuit of the arts and can be well termed a cultural hub of the South. Equally, this is the city which is at the helm of cutting edge technology.

So why stint the praise.

Be safe

G. Padmanabhan of Basavanagudi writes: It is definitely not possible for the police to give security to each and every citizen. Senior citizens, especially those living alone, should move to safer residences where there is security available. They should also stop flaunting their wealth, and that their kith and kin are living abroad. They could deposit their gold and other valuables in bank lockers.