Drinking water not supplied to some parts of the town

Officials accused of indulging in petty politics

Karwar: Enraged residents of Haliyal laid siege to the town panchayat office on Wednesday in protest against the failure of the authorities to provide basic amenities.

The residents alleged that though the town panchayat authorities collected taxes regularly, they failed to supply drinking water to some parts of he town.

They said the authorities regularly released water to some areas in the town just because a few important people resided in those areas. Angry residents who entered the office took the Chief Officer of the town panchayat and other officials to task and questioned about the discrimination in supply of drinking water. They alleged that the officials were indulging in petty politics.

Eshwar Naik, Chief Officer of the town panchayat, expressed his inability and said that because of the erratic electricity supply the panchayat could not provide drinking water to all the localities.

He assured that the panchayat would ensure the smooth supply of water to the town. He said a water purification unit at Karka was facing electricity problem and a Rs. 64-lakh project to set up an express feeder line for 24 hours to the unit was being prepared.