The residents of Jeppu Market and Morgan's Gate have taken upon themselves the task of making drivers of buses to follow the route for which permit has been issued.

Since Thursday, the residents had been standing at the Cascia High School in Jeppu to make all the buses, except the one on route No. 27, to go via Morgan's Gate and Jeppu Market and reach Mangaladevi Temple. “About 20 buses were made to follow the prescribed route since Thursday,” said B. Chandrashekar, a resident.

The residents said a majority of the buses plying on the route numbers 15, 13, 11, 4 and 3 have been avoiding Jeppu Market and Morgan's Gate.

The buses have been using the Marnamikatta – Mangaladevi Road and causing hardship to people.

Two days ago, a pregnant woman was dropped at the Marnamikatta and she had to walk all the way to Morgan's Gate,” said Kishore.

Mr. Kishore said despite complaints action had not been taken against the errant bus operators. “We have brought this to the notice of the Road Transport Officer too,” Mr. Krishore said.

The residents have raised the problem in the Jana Spandana programme.