‘Call’ of duty

Recently, people in Bantwal held a protest against the alleged negligence by a doctor leading to the death of a woman, who was the vice-president of the Sarapady gram panchayat. Reacting to the incident, members of IMA said only an expert medical committee can decide on the exact cause of death. When the reporter called IMA in Mangalore, the person at IMA said it would take 10 minutes as he had to search the internet to find the member’s number. Several calls made later evoked no response.

Later, the mobile number was obtained from IMA’s New Delhi office. When the member was told that his mobile number was available in New Delhi but not in Mangalore, he said the association does not have an office though it has a building and hall in the city.

Right notes

Noted flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, who gave a flute concert at the Navaratri cultural festival at Rajangana in Udupi on October 8 showed that not only was he a flute maestro, but also a good communicator. He had the audience in a spell while playing different raagas and they applauded his performance intermittently. Then he asked the audience whether they were hungry and required a snack break. But the audience shouted back saying that they were hungry not for food, but for to listen to more of his flute recital. Then he asked them which raag they would prefer to hear. Different persons gave names of various ragas, but Panditiji played Raag Kafi. After playing the Raag, he said, “I am not hungry, if you are, we will take a break. I can go on.” The audience responded by saying that they wanted to listen to him. Again he asked them which raag they would prefer to listen to. He concluded by playing Raag Pahadi at 9.40 a.m., even though the audience was eager to lap up more.

Spouse matters

The former Union Minister B. Janardhana Poojary made a rare appearance with his spouse K. Malathi Poojary at Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Kshethra for the formal inauguration of ‘Mangaluru Dasara’. During the introduction of the dignitaries, as the master of ceremonies began to speak about Ms. Poojary, all eyes were suddenly on her husband. He was almost on his feet trying to get the attention of the MC by clapping and waving his hands, asking him not to continue.

The dignitaries and the crowd burst into fits of laughter. Perhaps Mr. Poojary can learn from his party colleague and Union Minister for Road Transport Oscar Fernandes, who ensures that his wife Blossom Fernandes gets adequate attention in most functions he attends.

Hiding face

Two politicians are probably yet to recover fully from their shock defeat in this year’s Assembly elections.

The former Mangalore City South MLA N. Yogish Bhat and the former Mangalore City North MLA J. Krishna Palemar, also a former State Minister, are not seen in public functions and meetings organised by the BJP. When president of the State unit of the BJP Prahlad Joshi held a meeting of party workers in the BJP office in Mangalore on Wednesday both leaders were conspicuous by their absence. Both were not there when Mr. Joshi addressed the presspersons. Earlier when the BJP organised a protest against the Congress and Mangalore City Corporation at Lalbagh some time ago the two politicians were not around.