Faithful mail

THE TERM "snail mail" does not amuse those in the postal department. On Post Day celebrated here on Monday, Chief Post Master General Meera Dutta took a gentle dig at the media for using that term.

"While SMS and email may have overtaken letter writing with pen and paper, tell us which other agency can match the 50 paise post card which you can still send to any corner of our country?" she asked.

Optimum use

OVER OPTIMISTIC organisers invite too many VIPs to events and find that half of them do not turn up. There may be heaps of garlands or bouquets meant to "honour" the VIPs with. What does one do then, after having paid hefty amounts to a florist? This is what happened at a college anniversary function in the city. The organisers allowed for a generous "grace period" of half an hour. Still no sign of the VIPs. whose names were printed boldly in the invitation cards. The audience were getting rather restive.

The organisers decided to invite on stage a few prominent citizens among the crowd and garland them. Still another garland leftover; they decided to garland one of the organisers so that the garland did not go waste.

Using a road

IN MOST places people are waiting to use flyovers so that they can get home in time. But the case seems to be quite different with the third loop of the Airport Road flyover, which connects M.G. Road to Koramangala, which was opened for traffic on October 5.

The Bangalore Development Authority is literally pleading with the commuters to make use of the loop as most vehicle users are still using the stretch below the ramp. Considering that the civic authority took years to complete that flyover, it should have some patience with the commuters who are still using the old road.

Sahana Charan