Karwar: There is competition among organisations belonging to different religions in projecting their own religion as supreme and this attitude is spoiling religious harmony in the country, said N. Ibrahim, a Sufi saint of Karnataka.

Talking to the press on Saturday, he said terrorism has no religion. He was in Haliyal town of Uttara Kannada district to attend a “Music for religious harmony” programme.

Regarding religious conversions in the country, he said that every citizen had the right to choose his religion. But if somebody converts a person by force or by inducement, then that is a crime and such incidents are leading to social tension, he said. Asked why Muslim youths are caught in most of terrorism-related incidents, he said it is true that some Muslim youths, who lacked proper religious guidance, are indulging in such acts and it is anti-Islamic. But all those who are arrested cannot be terrorists, and he is not supporting terrorism, he said.