Special Correspondent

The imprint has 232 palm leaves containing 11,680 poems in Kannada

It is a rare Kannada version of the Bhagavata

Initially, the first two volumes will be released

Bangalore: Kannada Bhagavata Samshodhana Prakatana Pratishtana is set to release the first two volumes of Karnataka Bhagavata, a rare Kannada version of the Bhagavata based on the copied palm leaf imprint of the original text belonging to Nityatma Shukayogi Chatuvittalanatha. The volumes are slated for release on Sunday at National College, Jayanagar, here.

H.R. Ramakrishna Rao of the pratishtana told presspersons here on Thursday that the nonagenarian lexicographer G. Venkatasubbaiah, noted scholar Aa. Ra. Sethurama Rao (Aa Ra. Se.) and the editor of the volumes, Holalkere Ranga Rao Chandrashekhar, a United States-based professor of Physics, would participate in the function.

Although the original of the Karnataka Bhagavata could be traced to Chatuvittalanatha, an ancestor of Prof. Chandrashekhar, known as Ramannaiah, is said to have copied the palm leaf imprint in 1755. A family descendent of Ramannaiah, H.R. Sheshagiri Rao, preserved it. In 1990, while glancing through the recorded genealogy of his family, Prof. Chandrashekhar found a reference to the copied imprint. He started editing the work in 1992 in consultation with scholars such as T.V. Venkatachala Shastry, G.G. Manjunath, H.S. Harishankar, T.N. Nagarathna and Y.C. Bhanumathi, Prof. Rao said. The imprint has 232 palm leaves containing 11,680 poems in Kannada. It claims that Ramannaiah started copying the work on December 28, 1755. But there is no mention when he completed the task, he said.