The All-India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) has opposed the report of the P. Venkataramaiah Committee on the fee structure of professional colleges.

In a press release issued here on Friday, AIDSO district president Gangadhar Badiger claimed that the committee had failed to protect the interests of students and its recommendations were aimed at helping private managements.

Legalised fees

The P. Vekataramaiah committee had recommended steps to legalise the additional fees collected by private professional colleges, he said.


“In recent years, there have been several complaints against private engineering colleges, that they were fleecing students by charging such illegal fees. It was thought that the committee would check such practices.

“However, the committee has given a report that is anti-student and anti-education,” he said.

Previous efforts

In the release, he said that AIDSO would urge the State government to reject the recommendations in the interests of students.

“None of the committees constituted for this purpose by the State government have recommended steps to protect the students’ interests. It is clear that they were protecting the interests of private managements. AIDSO will urge the State government to allot seats on merit basis and fix a fee structure that is affordable for common students,” he said.

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