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Asked to convene a meeting of representatives from both States to settle the matter

HASSAN: Hemavathi Cauvery Hitharakshana Samiti appealed to the State Government not to accept the Cauvery tribunal judgement at a meeting in Hassan on Wednesday.

At the meeting presided by A.C. Munivenkata Gowda, an irrigation expert, it was suggested that a meeting of representatives from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu be convened to settle the matter. The samiti felt that the Tamil Nadu Government had furnished false statistics, to the tribunal, about availability of water in its State.

Scenario in Tamil Nadu

Cauvery river flows to a distance of 357 km in Tamil Nadu with 0.92 tmc for every km. Tamil Nadu gets 52 tmc of water from a minimum of 130 tmc of water flow but it had told the tribunal that it gets only 25 tmc of water. According to the samiti, Tamil Nadu claimed that it was getting 233 tmc of water in its area, which is wrong. The figure is much higher. The samiti said a comprehensive law was necessary to distribute water between the two States. Therefore an interaction between the representatives of the two States was necessary.

Senior citizens, advocates, farmers, doctors and others attended the meeting.