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  • `Kumaraswamy is adopting a vindictive attitude'
  • Kharge criticises Maharashtra for raking up border issue

    TORANAGAL (BELLARY DISTRICT): Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president Mallikarjun Kharge on Saturday expressed confidence that former Deputy Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will win the byelection from Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency in Mysore.

    He was responding to questions by presspersons during his brief halt at the Jindal airport here. Mr. Kharge, accompanied by former Chief Minister Dharam Singh; former Ministers Kagodu Thimmappa, A.M. Hindusgeri, Basavaraja Rayareddy, Srirangadevarayalu, Mallikarjun Nagappa; and MLCs K.C. Kondaiah and K.S.L. Swamy, was on their way to Koppal to participate in the party convention.

    "This election will decide whether the people will vote for that party which is pro-development and secular or the `unholy' alliance," he said.

    On the cases being filed against family members of Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar, Mr. Kharge accused the Kumaraswamy Government of vindictive politics.

    "I am not defending anybody. All are same in the eyes of the law and law should take its own course. But we object to the witch-hunting of Shivakumar and family. Minister for Forests C. Chennigappa has submitted a report mentioning over 160 names, including officers, indulging in illegal mining activities. Instead of initiating action against all, pinpointing an individual was objectionable and it was aimed at tarnishing the image of Congress," he said. Mr. Kharge reiterated the stand of the Congress that the issue of illegal mining be handed over to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

    He also reiterated that appointment of a judicial commission to inquire into the illegal mining activities would not serve the purpose as it was only a fact-finding body and ultimately the Government had to take a decision to refer the issue for an investigation by the police.

    "Hence we are demanding that the issue be referred to CBI. Let the Chief Minister at least refer the Shivakumar's case to CBI," he added.

    Mr. Kharge criticised Maharashtra for raking up the border issue and provoking the people in the border areas.