High Court’s advice sought after govt. annuls appointments

: The University of Mysore is caught in the a fix because of the contradictory orders of the judiciary and executive with regard to the fate of the 135 staff recruited by it in 2006 and 2007, and hence has written to the High Court for advice.

One of the agendas of the Syndicate meeting held on Monday was to comply with the Karnataka High Court order, which was issued sometime ago, directing the University to declare the probationary period of the recruits to pave way for their confirmation before June 25, 2014.

But the Department of Higher Education, Government of Karnataka, issued an order dated June 18, 2014 annulling the appointment of the 135 staff members. The copy of the order was received by the University about 30 minutes before the Syndicate meeting.

Sources in the varsity told The Hindu that one of the agendas of the meeting was to comply with the High Court order.

The 135 recruits had been on probation since their appointment and had approached the Karnataka High Court seeking relief. But since the government annulled their appointment, the varsity has written to the High Court for its advice on the issue, sources said.

The 135 persons were recruited during the tenure of the then Vice-Chancellor J. Shashidhar Prasad. But there were complaints of large-scale violations in the recruitment process and the government appointed the former High Court judge Rangavittalachar to look into the allegations.

The commission reported that “while making the appointments to the posts of professors, readers and lecturers during 2006 and 2007, in the University of Mysore, Dr. Shashidhar Prasad made the appointments through the Board of Appointment in violation of the Reservation Policy of the State government, and in violation of the qualification prescribed by the University Grants Commission.”

There were also charges that the directives of the Supreme Court and the guidelines issued by the State government on recruitment were violated and Mr. Prasad regularised some of the cadres of the non-teaching posts. Taking cognizance of the report, the government under Section 10 (1) of the Karnataka State Universities Act, 2000 annulled the recruitments made in 2006 and 2007.