HASSAN: Director-General and Inspector-General of Police Ajai Kumar Singh said here on Wednesday that the recruitment process for appointment of police sub-inspectors (400 vacancies) had been completed and that recruitment of police constables (4,000 vacancies) was in progress.

Dr. Singh said that the police periodically submitted details of naxalite activities in the State to the Union Home Ministry. Details of the lack of infrastructure in these places had also been collected, he said and added that efforts had been made to bring the tribal people in the naxal-affected areas to the mainstream. A committee had been set up for the purpose, he said.

Dr. Singh said that as per the Dharmaveera Committee Report, which was submitted 30 years ago, the State needed 200 new police stations then. If the present population were to be taken into account, the number would be much higher, he said. This year, the Government had sanctioned 25 new police stations and promised to approve 30 more next year, he said. A sum of Rs. 40 crore had been sanctioned for police housing this year and the Police Department had urged to Government to allocate Rs. 200 crore in the next five years.

Dr. Singh said that police personnel in the districts would be trained to handle cyber crime. Computerisation of all the district police offices were under way.


The DGP said that it was mandatory for all cases to be registered. If the police refused to register a complaint, people should contact the numbers displayed at each station. They could also visit the office of the Superintendent of Police to register their complaints.

Superintendent of Police K.V. Sharatchandra said that a police sub-inspector had been under suspension for not registering a case.

Dr. Singh said that police personnel would not be transferred unless there was a complaint. All transfers would be monitored by the committee that he headed.